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COMMUNIC8TE will get your brand exactly where you want to it to be! Your product will meet your potential customers at the right time, the right place and on the right device.

Are you looking to increase your revenues, your ROI but decrease your marketing cost ?
Then we are what you need!

Social Media Presence

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+

Being present on the internet is necessary and highly recommended, but keeping your profiles up to date takes a lot of time. Not only can we offer you to be your personal community manager, but we will go even further than that.

As a travelling business person you would like to have 60 hour days to be able to get everything done, so will be your assistant for handling the demands you might get in via the different marketing tools. In that way you have time to focus un what is essential in your day-to-day job.

Online Consultancy

Market Research

Eight Communications conducts online market research by collecting data via surveys, questionnaires, and various other tools. We gather information about your target audience, so that we can successfully market your product, service, or event.

Additionally, we help create an online identity for you and your business so that you stand out from the rest.

Offline Consultancy

Trade Fairs

We have the tools and industry skills to successfully help you plan trade fairs within your chosen niche. By actively studying and analyzing your chosen product or service, we give you marketing tips and strategies on how to attract attendees, partners, press, exposure and companies within your niche. We look at your competition, marketing trends, and resources that’ll not only make your trade fair a success, but also turn these visitors into buyers or investors.

Event Planning

We work directly with you, the client, to get a feeling for your vision and goals, and create a body of work that reflects your needs and wants. We design an event for you tailored to your preferences until you are fully satisfied with the mock-up of how you would like your event to take place.

Event co-ordination

Once we’ve created your vision, we make it a reality. We handle each and every task for you so that the day of your event runs smoothly and exactly as you wished. From distributors, to catering, cleaning, booking locations, organizing press releases, entertainment, photographers and videographers, and client meetups.

Industry Connections

Having worked in the international marketing field within Europe for almost two decades, we have gained an impressive list of connections within the event industry.

We can organize, or put you in touch with, catering companies, entertainment production, decorators, high class location managers and more... gaining many services at cost price.

Regardless of your needs, you will still be able to control which ever aspects you desire throughout the process.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

It's the process of getting more traffic to your website by having your website listed and ranked at the top for searches corresponding to your market, product or service in the organic or natural search results.

Translators, photo & Video

We are able to provide you with one or more translators for your big event to make sure that nothing is left unsaid.

Additionally, we have well-established photographers and videographers who are ready to assist you.

Languages: English, German, Czech, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Spanish, French.

"Thanks to my campaign management, my sales have nearly doubled in only 5 months! I finally have the time to work more efficiently and not miss any client opportunity or important event for me to be at.

Great team!"

- a very happy COMMUNIC8TE client
Eight Communications